SelectProtect® Safety Enhancement System

manufactured by Moxi Enterprises LLC.

Concerned about patient falls and bed safety? Introducing SelectProtect®, the simple safety enhancement system that helps reduce the risk of patient falls and promotes bed-bound safety.

Protect is designed to be used exclusively with standard SelectAir® or SelectAir Max® Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement Systems and without bed side rails*. The unique built-in bolsters help promote a safe sleeping environment without compromising the patient’s sleeping area.

If you're afraid of questionable aftermarket add-ons, choose SelectProtect. It is specifically designed to fit standard SelectAir and SelectAir Max low air loss systems. It replaces the standard cover and easily zips around the SelectAir mattress. Simply order SelectProtect as an option with new systems or as an upgrade to systems that are already in use.

The SelectProtect system is most effective for users who:

are at risk of falling out of bed.
reside in facilities where bed side rails are not used.
currently use standard SelectAir or SelectAir Max low air loss mattress systems and need a safe sleeping environment.

Size: For use with standard SelectAir and SelectAir Max low air loss mattress systems only. Custom sizes are not available.

Top: 100% polyurethane coated polyester
Bottom: PVC-backed polyester (DEHP and BPA free)
Flame-Resistant: Meets CFR 16 Part 1632

Weight Limit: SelectProtect is intended for patients that weigh 75 to 400 lbs. which is the same weight limit for standard SelectAir and SelectAir Max low air loss mattress replacement systems.

18 Month Limited Warranty

* Use of SelectProtect should be determined based upon facility protocols, applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and individual user safety considerations. It does not replace the need for patient fall prevention measures.

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