Product Adjustment Instructions

The objective of the adjustment procedure is to "immerse" the user as deeply as possible in the cushion. Deep immersion is achieved by maintaining as little internal air pressure in the cushion as possible without allowing any part of the body, especially the bony prominences, to touch the base of the cushion. Proper adjustment of air pressure can only be done while the user is sitting in the cushion.

The following adjustment guides will give you a step-by-step method for adjusting your ROHO® DRY FLOATATION product.

Connection Speed Inflation Instructions
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Seat Cushion Adjustment Guide

Non-Powered Mattress Adjustment Guide

Dial-up (PDF format) ROHO Cushion
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Your DRY FLOATATION product is most effective when properly adjusted.

CAUTION: According to United States Coast Guard, ROHO DRY FLOATATION products should not be used as a water flotation device.

If you have purchased one of the following products, please read before proceeding to the adjustment instructions section.

Dual Compartment HIGH PROFILE or LOW PROFILE cushions:
To maximize the positioning benefits for individuals with a pelvic obliquity, the side with the deepest bony prominence must be adjusted first. Dual compartments may be used for side-to-side or front-to-back positioning. For those who sacral sit and use front-to-back positioning, adjust the rear section first.

How to Adjust ROHO®

Wedge Cushion:
To adjust, start with the rear section first and move forward.

Wheelchair Recliner:
Adjust seat cushion first.

MlNl-MAX® Cushion:
Follow the adjustment instructions. Because of this cushions cell height, [1.5" (3.2 cm)], air will release rapidly. The stem should be pinched while releasing air. After immersion, check ischial tuberosities and trochanter to ensure the individual has not bottomed out.

Lumbar and Sacral Support Cushions:
Attach these cushions to the back of the chair by releasing the Velcro® strap. Fit to the individuals lumbar/sacrum and loop Velcro strap through ring and attach. Then follow adjustment procedures.

Toilet Seat Cushion:
Each section is designed to follow the contour of the toilet seat. Place each cushion section on the toilet seat to suit individual needs and snap in place.

Commode Cushion:
Place on seat with valve toward the front. Cushions on Contoured Surfaces (Scooter, etc.): After adjusting ensure that no body part has bottomed out.

Saddle Cushions (Western and English Styles):
Western style cushions are secured with a Velcro strap fitted over the cantle of the saddle. Both Western and English styles are tied down at the grommets by the leather straps on the saddle.