Repair Instructions

Each ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® cushion is shipped complete with a repair kit and instructions for minor repairs. The following information can be used if repair instructions have been lost or misplaced.


  1. Place your cushion cells down and over-inflate until all four corners touch.
  2. Immerse the over-inflated cushion in water to locate the leak.
  3. Once the leak has been located, mark the leak by inserting a toothpick into the hole.
  4. Allow the cushion to dry thoroughly.
  5. Clean the area around the hole with alcohol wipe provided. Let surface dry.
  6. Peel backing from patch provided and, centering the patch, place it over the hole.
  7. Press the patch down firmly until a good seal is achieved.
  8. The cushion is ready for use. Adjust cushion for proper inflation following the instruction manual

Although patches do not change the performance of the cushion, they should be monitored periodically to ensure effectiveness in addressing the leak. If you patch is not successful in addressing the problem, or if more extensive damage is present, please contact your local dealer, or The ROHO Group directly for factory repair details. The ROHO Group reserves the sole right to determine whether a cushion is repairable.

If a problem is found with a valve, please see the following instructions:


  1. Firmly grip the rubber valve stem and remove the old inflation valve by using a pair of pliers.
    Please note: Do not remove an inflation valve by holding the cushion and pulling the valve, doing so may tear the cushion.
  2. Moisten the ribbed end of the replacement valve and insert it into the valve stem until the rubber is snug to the body of the valve.


For additional instruction, please contact The ROHO Group at:
U.S. and Canada (800) 851-3449
Outside the U.S. and Canada (618)-277-9150