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The ROHO Institute
continues The ROHO Group's strong tradition of education and training with expanded resources for both the prescriber and provider.
Advance your base of knowledge with the latest online CEU programs, case studies and other valuable tools.


The ROHO Institute

We're here to provide you with the most up to date information you need to enhance the lives of ROHO users. Choose from a variety of our training and education tools. Take an online class, attend a local CEU program, read one of our case studies.

Our ongoing mission is to educate, train and prepare our staff, students, customers, and consumers on all aspects of the skin integrity and seating/positioning industry, products related to these industries, and clinical applications of these products. In addition, The ROHO Institute for Training, Education and Research will continue to provide a value added resource that positively impacts The ROHO Group. Through promotion and conducting scientific and clinical research, we will also continue to contribute to the body of evidence to lead and guide these industries.

We will promote our philosophy and products while adhering to current best practice guidelines and new research findings to enhance the knowledge of our customer while maintaining focus on the end-user's quality of life.