How to Prepare for Emergency Power Outages

How to Prepare for Emergency Power Outages

Electricity adds color to our lives. It is hard to imagine life without it – even just for a single minute. Learning how to prepare for emergency power outages is the only solution for this.

There are times the power supply does not last or disrupted. Power interruption is common especially in places where the electricity supply is not enough. Sometimes, crippling storms and strong wind leave people to experience day to day activities without power. Whether it takes days or weeks to get the power back on, it is always good to be prepared.

Wonder how to be prepared? This article will help you.

Preparing for a Long-term Outage

To experience power emergencies is normal especially when a storm and other disaster swept through. Here are a few things you need to get ready.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is proven effective during emergencies. There are big ones which you can hang in your walls and automatically light up when the power goes out such as solar lantern. There are smaller ones as well such as handy flashlights which you can carry wherever you want.

Have flashlights and batteries ready for everyone for a safer and calmer feel regardless of how long the outage would take. This will not just help in making daily activities going but will also give a sense of security as you can have some control over things. Make sure to count in long-lasting flashlights when putting together your emergency kit.


Other than lightings, you can’t live without food when there are long power interruptions. Full your shelves with long-term foods such as canned goods and dried foods such as powdered milk, crackers, rice, instant drinks, and oatmeal. It will be easy for your family to eat if there are shelf-stable foods being prepared.  Since emergencies are unpredictable, restock food every now and then.

There might be other foods in your list but one important thing you need to bear in mind is that there is no power. This means you should never store food that can’t last without refrigerators such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.


Water is another important thing. You and your family need this during an emergency. It is believed that people can live without food, but not with water so make sure to stock at least a gallon of water for pets and more for each person of the family. You can also look for other ways to get water such as going to the stream or river nearby or simply collecting some pails from the roof.

You probably can’t drink all of them but you can purify them by heating and using water purification tablets and bleach. If you have water purifier already that would be better.

Additional Preparations

To complete your emergency kit, here are some other things you need to include in the list.

  • Purchase an emergency radio.
  • Consider food thermometer.
  • Be prepared to cook
  • Stock up medicines or first aid kit.
  • Get a generator ready.

The best way to prepare for power outbreaks is to read again number 5. That’s the only effective power back up.